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LOK A French Interview

1 – So who are Lack of Knowledge ?

LOK is: Daniel Drummond-Vocals,Tony Barber-Guitar,Paul Stevens-Bass,Karen Gower-Bass,

2 – Why did you decide to re-issue 20 year old recordings ?

We have been trying to release these particular recordings on CD for over a decade,and
we finally managed to persuade John Loder to do it in January of 2004.
We didn’t see it as anything more than being able to make it available again with an improvement in the aural quality.

3 – Do you have the feeling you were “avant-garde-ist” in your musical style
and is this re-issue a way to say it ?

Well,we weren’t avant-garde as such,we just didn’t want to align ourselves with the traditional
aspects of organising a group,such as sending demo tapes and grovelling letters to record companies.
You pay for that by not being allowed into the arena.We were really a more localised version of a ”real’band’.
The idea of being on the TV,while being in a band,was as much a fantasy to us as what it was before we formed one!

4 – How do you consider your music technically 20 years later ?

Kind or regimented amatuerism. Not technically proficient. But we pushed ourselves.
I wanted to play guitar like Mick Ronson. I just was incapable then. Most other bands didn’t want to admit to progressing.
They actually only formed to achieve a specific goal.
ie:to sound like something else.

5 – Do you have the feeling you might have missed some opportunities in
music business ?

Yes.Thank fuck.

5 – I read that 20 years ago “you had no plan” but it sounds you have some
now by re-releasing this record and planning a couple of gigs in NY and
London ? Why having chosen to come back with old stuff instead of making new
songs ? Don’t you have anymore inspiration ?

I think that you’ve taken the quote out of context.Having no plan meant that we never set out with any specific aims.
We never said “”If we are not famous within 2 years,we will split up”,thats what we meant by not having a plan.
99% of all bands form with fame and commercial success as their goals.
We had no goals.
Doing 2 gigs 20 years later hardly constitutes a plan,does it!?Recording ‘new material’ sounds much more contrived and ‘plan-like’ to me.
We are not interested in doing new material.We have recorded material that we never recorded at the time.
The songs themselves have the time contained within them.when we play them,they sound like Lack Of Knowledge.
New songs would have no relevance to Lack Of Knowledge.
Its a Design Classic.

No inspiration..Ha Ha Ha. A trap!

Example:The Mini car. Add 2 more doors.Make The bonnet longer.Add a hatchback.Give it a plastic moulded dashboard. Its now no longer a Mini. Its a completely different car.

6 – There’s a tendancy for bands of old 70’s, beginning 80’s to come back these
days (Bauhaus, Killing Joke etc…), Do you think this is symptomatic of
something and if so,what ?

All it’s indicative of is the aging process.
In the 70’s Teddy Boys congregated at Margate and Hemsby Pontins Holiday Campto watch 50’s Rock n Roll artists like Bill Haley.
In the 2000s people congregate at holiday camps to watch 70’s bands like The Fall,Wire,Television etc.

7 – What kind of music do you listen to today ?

Danny:”Hall & Oates,anything with a good beat”
Philip:”Foreigner,REO Speedwagon,Europe,80’s Metal”
Karen:”Pepsi & Shirley,A-Ha,Yazoo”
Chiefy:”i like to keep my personal taste private”
Paul:”The Tremeloes,thats all you need”